The job of information governance professions has become more complex. a.k.a.® software provides all of the tools you need to build a coordinated information governance framework.

a.k.a.® now available online

It’s became very obvious that most of our clients are struggling to get specialist software installed or upgraded “on-premise”.  So working in the Cloud is now obligatory for many of our clients.

The a.k.a.®. cloud installation uses the Microsoft Remote APP and Desktop Connection as the platform, SQL server as the database engine and Active Directory for creating user accounts. Deploying a.k.a.® is as easy as sending you a URL user ID and password.  Send us an email if you would like to set up a trial.

Integrated Information Governance

a.k.a.®’s linking tools enable you to utilize your information governance tools more widely.
Integrated Information Governance

We’ve added more flexible linking options to enable you to interconnect your schemes into an Integrated Information Governance Framework.

Supporting Automation

We’ve built even more flexibility into a.k.a.® to handle any structured data model that you need to enable the automation of information governance processes. With a.k.a.® you can add an unlimited number of data elements: entities, fields, relationships, schema.

Our clients are using a.k.a.® to create new models that will support automation of processes such as intelligent data capture, automated appraisal and auto tagging of records.

More rigorous governance

a.k.a.®’s new auditing functionality will enable you to keep track of your database changes to enable more rigorous control of your information governance tools.

Easier to build and deploy schemes, rapidly!

Our continuous improvement process means that we’re always looking for ways to make your job easier. In a.k.a.® 3.5 we’ve continued to reduce effort when importing, editing, linking, searching, reporting and exporting.

Easier ways to transform your schemes

We’ve continued to enhance the a.k.a.® XML functionality to enable you to rapidly transform and repurpose your a.k.a.® schemes into a wide range of different outputs. With our range of XSLT style-sheets we can transform a.k.a.® data into multiple formats.

  • HTML pages
  • Word documents
  • Spreadsheets
  • Text files
  • CSV formats for eCM and business information systems
  • XML formats for eCM and business information systems

Direct connect with SharePoint 2013

a.k.a.® now publishes directly into SharePoint 2013. With a.k.a.® you can upload classification schemes into SharePoint 2007, 2010 and 2013 in multiple ways:

  • Upload/Download into the SharePoint Term Store
  • Upload/Download SharePoint Folders
  • Upload/Download SharePoint Site Column data

Direct connect with HP RM8 / 8.3 eCM

We’ve continued to maintain direct connect integration with all HP RM information governance tools. a.k.a.®-HP Integration delivers outstanding functionality for HP users to develop and maintain their recordkeeping tools (classification plans, retention schedules and thesauruses) in RM8 and HP TRIM.

Easier Installation

For first time and evaluation users, the a.k.a.® setup will enable automatic loading of SQL database tools.

Better performance, reliability, and security

We’ve updated the platform to the .NET Framework 4.5 and changed our permissions model to improve SQL security.

a.k.a.®  Version 3 released March 2016

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