What’s new in a.k.a.® version 3.6?

Code-free functionality

a.k.a.® Exchange Plus is a new module which delivers a platform for extended data exchange making it easier to load and deploy a.k.a.® data. All of this functionality is code-free to enable you to perform tasks normally only done by programmers.

The a.k.a.® XSLT Wizard enabling you to create and customize your own templates for Interactive Reports.

This means that every time you make changes to your a.k.a.® design you can regenerate the report templates yourselves without having to contact Synercon for a change.

New a.k.a.® interface
a.k.a.® interactive reports intro

The a.k.a.® Form Wizard is used for building your own online data capture forms; it uses XML and XSL functionality – not that you see it – and produces user friendly forms which can be published to the web for your users to fill out.

Administrators can select fields required for data entry and can link fields to existing a.k.a.® data sources to ensure that data entry is consistent and conforms with organizational standards.

We’ve added more wizards to make complex tasks easier

New wizards have been added for uploading and downloading schemes into Microsoft OneDrive and File Manager.

We’ve switched to wizards for importing and exporting CSV to enable easier and faster import/export across all modules.


We’re powering through our program to standardise all processes into wizard formats, providing more in-place explanations and instructions, and adding the ability to save your data mapping. More to come in the next release.

Plus we’ve made sure that all Browse, Save and Open buttons across all modules open into the last opened directory for each instance. Along with a host of other usability features.

What’s in the pipeline for a.k.a.®?

We’re hard at work building the a.k.a.® API. Meaning that you’ll be able to download from more information sources and upload more easily into target information systems.

If you’re a licensed a.k.a.® user, you can upgrade now from the myaka website.

Or you can trial the latest version of a.k.a.® online.

You can register on myaka website or contact us to arrange access.

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