What’s new in a.k.a.® version 3.5.1?

We’ve given a.k.a.® a face lift…

We’re excited about the new themes from Component One which give a.k.a.® a fresh new look, and align a.k.a.® more closely with the MS office themes that you’re familiar with.

New a.k.a.® interface
New a.k.a.® wizards

We’re adding new wizards to make complex tasks easier

The Interactive Reports Wizard makes it much easier to step through the process of creating and publishing online reports

Go here to view some of the interactive reports our clients use for publishing taxonomies, data dictionaries, information asset registers, metadata libraries…

a.k.a.® interactive reports intro
a.k.a.® xml export wizard

Our new XML export wizard lets you build and save export filters

so you can now filter for schemes, entities, fields, folders, meaning that you export only the data that you want to publish.

We’ve extended SharePoint integration

That means that you can upload and download taxonomies and managed metadata into all flavors of SharePoint 2013, 2016 and 365. Plus we can also upload download folders into Microsoft Windows and OneDrive.

Find out more about a.k.a.® SharePoint Integration.

a.k.a.® integration with SharePoint 365
a.k.a.® HP Integration

And we’ve updated a.k.a.® to integrate with HP Content Manager 9

for uploading / downloading classification plans, retention schedules and thesauri…

Find out more about a.k.a.® HP Integration.

What’s in the pipeline for a.k.a.®?

You’ll be able to build your own XSL templates – without having to learn code!

Plus we’re building in web-forms to enable you and your team to collaborate more easily in the a.k.a.® ecosystem.

If you’re a licensed a.k.a.® user,
you can upgrade now from the myaka website.

 Or you can trial the latest version of a.k.a.® online.
You can register on myaka website or contact us to arrange access.

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