What’s in the a.k.a.® pipeline?

Automated classification and appraisal

We know that you’re struggling to capture your email and unstructured records. We’ve been  working with our technology partners Pingar designing and trialling new data models that support auto-classification and automated appraisal. Because intelligent schemes are an integral part of the machine learning framework. We’re  continuing the program of small changes to the a.k.a.® database – new fields, relationships and schemes – to enable new data models.

Throughout 2018

Uploading data using the a.k.a.® API

It’s always best to use data from directly from the authoritative data source. And its also best to only have to enter data once.

We’re working on our API connectors to enable you to map and load data directly into a.k.a.® from multiple external sources.

We already upload data from File Manager, SharePoint and HP TRIM, now we are extending this to include multiple external sources.

Mid 2018

Approvals and Workflow

With metadata and taxonomy management maturing, it’s time to introduce in-built approvals and workflow funcitonality.

This will make add another level of governance into the development process, particularly for those users who use are using a.k.a.® online in collaboration mode.

Mid 2018

a.k.a.® continuous improvement program

Building information governance tools is often complex so we feel a responsibility to make a.k.a.® as easy as it can possibly be. So we’re always working on usability, looking for ways to streamline the user interface.

Over the next 12 months, we will continue with the introduciton of new wizards for SharePoint integration, importing, exporting and reporting.

Throughout 2018



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