To simplify the complex business of producing records disposal authorities, the Australian Capital Territory Records Office (TRO)  uses XSLT style sheets to transform data from their whole of government a.k.a.® database into a single MS Word document.

The TRO template is a complex document containing multiple sections including an introduction, purpose, scope, guidelines, definitions, a business classification schemes, legislation as well as the records disposal classes.

And yet it takes only a few minutes to produce this huge document using an XSLT stylesheet, linked to the XML output from a.k.a.®.

The stylesheet enables many different representations of the database to appear in the same document. Click on each image to see:

All of the entities and relationships described in the disposal schedule are sourced from the a.k.a.® database. These include legislation, terms, and classes, all linked together to form the Disposal Schedule.

Similarly the TRO also uses a.k.a. software to manage the whole-of-government functional thesaurus, functional classification guides.

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