Imagine being able to easily convert your metadata schemes, taxonomies and retention schedules into any type of digital output. Well, you can with the right tools.

a.k.a.®’s XML functionality gives you the ability to rapidly transform and repurpose your data into a wide range of different outputs. We do this using XSLT style-sheets.

XSLT (Extensible style sheet language transformation) is a language for transforming XML documents into other XML documents or objects, which can be read / used by a range of editing tools (browsers, word processors, and spreadsheets, etc.

XSLT is the Swiss Army knife of data transformation.

With XSLT stylesheets we can transform a.k.a.® data into:

  •  HTML pages
  • Word documents
  • Spreadsheets
  • Text files
  • CSV formats for import into eCM and business information systems
  • XML formats for import for eCM and business information systems

Read the TRO Case Study

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