a.k.a.® Training Courses

Not only do we train you on how to use a.k.a.® – we also bring to training our knowledge of how to build information governance solutions. We’ve filled our training programs with industry best practice solutions for metadata management, classification, appraisal, information asset management. You’ll be working with a training database with relevant examples.

Synercon provide a range of courses from basic to advanced. Customized and courses can be built to meet individual needs. Refresher training is also offered for existing users who want to update their skills in specific areas.

Training delivery is flexible and we provide online sessions, in-house training and scheduled courses subject on local demand. Our training courses include:

a.k.a.® Refresher Training

This course will provide you with an understanding of how a.k.a.® is put together and how you can utilise a.k.a.® to build and publish a range of control tools such as taxonomies, thesauri, retention schedules, metadata registries etc. Topics covered in this session...

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a.k.a.® 3 Designer

This course covers all of a.k.a.® 3 functionality including designing and developing a wide range of information governance structures such as classification schemes, taxonomies, thesauri, ontologies, glossaries, retention schedules, registers and metadata lists.

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Exchanging Data with SharePoint

This course is designed for SharePoint administrators who need to build, maintain and revise recordkeeping tools: folder structures, taxonomies / managed metadata, keywords using the SharePoint term store.

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Designing and publishing an information asset register

Designing and publishing an information asset register using a.k.a.® software This training course is designed to equip you with the knowledge needed to build a information asset register (IAR), whether or not you use a.k.a.® software. During the half day course we...

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