Thesauri and Ontologies

Taxonomies such as thesauri and ontologies designed as structures to facilitate searching. Particularly they lend themselves to machine based searching.

Template design

a.k.a.® can be installed with a range of prebuilt taxonomy designs for thesauri and ontologies. Or you can configure a.k.a.® to create a data design that suits your organization.

Managing multiple relationships

a.k.a.® is capable of creating and managing multiple types of relationships between and within entities. Relationships can be thesaurus based such as broader/narrower, related, use/use. Or they can be time based such as superseded/superseded by.

Relationships in a.k.a.® are fully configurable and can be of any kind that can be defined by the user. Any concept can have any relationship with any other concepts.

Easy online publishing

Making your thesauri and ontologies accessible to your stakeholders is crucial for adoption and use. Our Interactive Report Templates make it easy for you to publish online in formats that will engage your users. Inbuilt search and filtering features along with hyperlinked relationships make it easy for users to engage and find what they are looking for.

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