What’s new in a.k.a.® Version 3.5.1?

What’s new in a.k.a.® version 3.5.1? We’ve given a.k.a.® a face lift… We’re excited about the new themes from Component One which give a.k.a.® a fresh new look, and align a.k.a.® more closely with the MS office themes that you’re familiar with. We’re...

Better than a spreadsheet

While it’s tempting to use a spreadsheet to build information governance tools, there are real benefits for using database software like a.k.a.® for undertaking this task. Integrated for greater efficiency A relational database enables links to be made between...

Interactive Reports

Engage your audience with interactive reports a.k.a.® Interactive reports deliver functionality that no spreadsheet can match. All of the following schemes were built using a.k.a.® information governance software. We use HTML and XML templates to transform these...
Transform your a.k.a.® schemes using XML templates

Transform your a.k.a.® schemes using XML templates

Imagine being able to easily convert your metadata schemes, taxonomies and retention schedules into any type of digital output. Well, you can with the right tools. a.k.a.®’s XML functionality gives you the ability to transform and repurpose your data into a wide range of different outputs.

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