a.k.a.® is supported by a team of experienced information governance professionals.

All levels of support are available: tutorials, onsite and online training, online help, email and phone support.

a.k.a.® Training

a.k.a.® training can be delivered online or onsite by accredited a.k.a.® Training Partners.

Training is computer based, offered either as online or classroom based.

Consultancy Services

a.k.a.® Partners provide a range of consultancy services to support a.k.a.®. These include:

  • a.k.a.® database design
  • entity relationship modelling
  • migrating data from spreadsheets and other sources
  • customisation of XML reports and HTML templates

a.k.a.® Software Upgrades

Licensed users with a current Upgrade and Support Contract can download upgrades of the version of a.k.a.® from the My a.k.a.® website.

You will need to register and login to access a.k.a.® upgrade software. If you don’t have a username and password yet, please register here. It’s quick and completely free. If you already have a user name and password, click here to access the login page on the my a.k.a.® Web site.

If you need help with downloading, instructions for downloading a.k.a.® are available Downloading a.k.a.® from the web.

Approved users can download beta releases of a.k.a.® from the my a.k.a.® website.


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