a.k.a.® speaks your language (and more)

Organizations operating in a global environment must be able to output data in a variety of languages.

a.k.a.® enables multilingual constructions of each entity and scheme, with reports, imports and exports filtered by language.

a.k.a.® 3 supports the development and publication of multilingual content and schema enabling metadata, taxonomies, retention schedules and more to be developed in multiple languages.

a.k.a.® 3 provides tiled data entry forms for effortless side by side translation.

a.k.a.® 3 also enables translation of design elements enabling the creation of multilingual captions and other form headings.

Translation sets can be created for each item/term  in the database enabling all language versions to be managed as a unit.

Any  a.k.a.® 3 schema can built and exported in the language of choice, including publishing to the web.

Every effort has been made to reduce data entry through the assignment of common fields for dates, numbers, and flags.

Exporting is based on XML and CSV outputs of the translated databases. XML files can be outputted in any or all languages.

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