Managing information assets

Information asset management is the effective management, control and protection of information assets within an organization.

The value of information changes over time and must be managed accordingly. – Gartner

Information Asset Management  (IAM) addresses the need to manage information assets over time. Capabilities for managing information assets include identification, linking assets to business process, documenting ownership and use, assessing value, understanding and mitigating risks relating to the asset, and enabling access throughout the lifecycle.

Good information asset management protects the information your business relies on – and that means you can operate legally and accountably, and take informed decisions. It protects you from risk – the risk that you will lose information, or lose the functionality required to use the information you have to support your business requirements. – ITIL® Managing Digital Information Assets

a.k.a.® software delivers the platform to manage your information assets, from which you can build and deploy a vast range of schemes including:

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