Within legislation, standards and policies there are thousands of citations that govern how information should be captured, accessed, shared, secured, protected and how long they should be kept. A legislation register captures this knowledge into a usable format.

Senior executives, information and records management staff, managers of business units and team leaders need to have a level of understanding of both the legislation and the standards to ensure agency records and information management policies and procedures exist and are complied with. – National Archives of Australia.

Cut the effort

Typically building a legislation register takes months of work. a.k.a.® delivers a complete suite of tools for recording and managing your legislation register. We’ve built in a range of smart editing tools to significantly reduce your workload. And our import functions enable fast data capture from spreadsheets.

Smart Templates

a.k.a.® can be installed with a prebuilt design for a Legislation Register. Our template is designed to enable you to capture as much detail as you require ranging from summary information to specific details found within sections and clauses. For example, we use URL fields to build hyperlinks to authoritative online sources to validate the information.

The template is fully customizable, and like all a.k.a.® designs, you can change it to accommodate organizational requirements.

Easy online publishing

Any scheme built in a.k.a.® can be easily published as an interactive report using our HTML or XSL templates. a.k.a.’s interactive reporting tools make it easy to present different views of the legislation register to different audiences.

Building a Legislation Register in a.k.a.®

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