Information asset register

An Information Asset Register is the means for understanding and managing your organisation’s assets and the risks to them. It documents the links between information assets, their business requirements and technical dependencies. It is an essential tool for overcoming many of the digital challenges your organization faces.

Information is a valuable asset that must be safeguarded. In the case of information held by public authorities and businesses … people want to be certain that it is held securely, maintained accurately, available when necessary and used appropriately.
Sir Richard Mottram, Foreword, UK Gov’t National Information Assurance Strategy

Better than a spreadsheet

While it’s tempting to use a spreadsheet, there are real benefits for using database software like a.k.a.® for undertaking this task.

Best practice design

a.k.a.® can be installed with a prebuilt design for an Information Asset Register. We used the UK National Archives guidelines to inform our data model.

Our design delivers on multiple fronts – we’ve married the needs of the business, IT, risk, records and archives.

The IAR design is fully customizable, and like all a.k.a.® designs, you can change it to accommodate organizational requirements.

Easy online publishing

Making your information asset register accessible to your stakeholders is crucial for adoption and use. Our Interactive ReportTemplates make it easy for you to publish online in formats that will engage your users. Inbuilt search and filtering features along with hyperlinked relationships make it easy for users to engage and find what they are looking for.

Any data library built in a.k.a.® can be exported to CSV or converted to specific CSV formats using our XSL templates.

And correspondingly data can be easily imported from spreadsheets into a.k.a.®.

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