Information Asset Register Template

This Information Asset Register Template demonstrates the versatility of the a.k.a.® designer. Our form design delivers tabs, nested forms, rich text fields, lookup lists, multi-value fields, link fields to other entities, URL fields, checkboxes and more.
Every a.k.a.® design is fully customizable and can be used as a starting point from which you can add or subtract to customise and deploy your own data design.

Our Information Asset Register Template is modelled on guidelines published by The National Archives, and other like regulators. The design delivers on multiple fronts marrying the needs of the business, ICT, risk, records and archives as represented in the tabs.

With a.k.a.® you can publish the information asset register to the web as an interactive report. Click here to see how our web based templates really leverage the design, using lookup fields and checkboxes for searching and filtering.

Click on the images below to view the tab design.

Information Asset Register Template Basic Details Tab

Documenting information assets, owners and users

  •  Identifying and categorising information assets
  • Documenting ownership of the information assets
  • Understanding who creates and uses the information assets, and how they are used
Information Asset Register Template Business Value Profile

Understanding the business value of digital information assets

  • Linking to business function
  • Understanding the business purpose
  • Assessing business value
  • Identifying intellectual property
Information Asset Register Template Risk Tab

Managing the liabilities and risks associated with information assets

  • Protecting privacy protected records
  • Identifying vital records and intellectual property
  • Controlling access
Information Asset Register Template Technical Profile

Ensuring digital information continuity through business and technology changes

  • Identifying supporting applications and their dependencies
  • Migrating information through technology upgrades
Information Asset Register Template Lifecycle Profile

Managing the growth in volume of digital information

  • Reducing redundancy and duplication
  • Managing locations and storage
  • Linking to retention and disposal rules
Information Asset Register Template Change Control

Ensuring ongoing governance of the information asset register

  • Recording and auditing changes
  • Managing the approval and review process

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