Consulting Services

We are  industry specialists who develop world-class metadata, taxonomies and ontologies – we offer domain expertise in Government and Industry including Education, Energy, Health, Legal, Local Government, Mining/Exploration, Primary Industries, Transportation, and Water.

We have over 20 years of practical experience in the data design of information governance instruments. Our experience embraces all types of metadata models including taxonomies, thesauri, faceted classification, web navigation schemes, metadata models and retention schedules.

Configuration Services

Our configuration services include:
creating data models
modifying and optimising the configuration of your data design
migrating data from various sources
customising templates for more professional reports
creating interactive reports for publishing to the web etc.


We can easily collaborate with you on your database configuration. We can either work remotely and exchange design templates or for cloud-based installations you might want us to work directly into your database. It’s completely up to you.

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