About Us

Synercon is a front-runner in information governance, operating throughout Australasia, the UK and North America. We are dedicated to researching, developing and fostering information governance best practice.

Our mission is to make your job easier. We create solutions with software tools and models that facilitate information governance automation. We provide knowledge and resources to facilitate information governance

We work with metadata, taxonomies, controlled language, appraisal tools and data maps to build more effective systems. We’re  part of a community of like-minded professionals who bring their combined business, recordkeeping and knowledge management skills to the table.

We write, blog and tweet on information governance issues

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We’ve consulted for over 2 decades and watched digitization change the information landscape and understand the need to evolve and adapt to our new information environment.

“We can’t overcome 21st century problems with a 20th century approach. Information governance affects everyone. Poor information systems make organizations dysfunctional and compound business risk. That risk can have adverse outcomes for organizations, consumers and individuals. Inaccessibility, incompleteness and inaccuracy of information are systemic issues.”

Synercon is changing all that. We’re creating a unified information governance industry. We’re aligning information governance with information technology through common language and shared objectives – achieving business value and performance.

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