In 2005 a.k.a.® was selected by the State of Queensland as the tool of choice to build taxonomies and retention schedules. This contract is still in place today.

“The Queensland Government sees the use of a.k.a.® as a critical first step in the successful deployment of an electronic document and records management system” said Geoff Waite, Executive Director, CorpTech, the Queensland Government’s provider of corporate applications and related system support services.

Initially taxonomies and retention schedule built in a.k.a.® were deployed into the whole of government Hummingbird eCM platform.  Over time QLD agencies have used a.k.a.® to deploy their recordkeeping tools into a range of systems including Objective HP TRIM and SharePoint.

a.k.a.® is available to Queensland Government agencies under the Standing Offer Arrangement 808-09.


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