a.k.a.® software is an enterprise tool designed to create data and information governance tools which meet industry best practice.

a.k.a.® is designed for the rapidly changing organizations of today – and tomorrow. Digitization is changing information management needs. Mergers, acquisitions and restructures result in new metadata and taxonomies that must be rapidly assimilated.

a.k.a.® has the agility to evolve in time and in tune with your information environment. With our innovative design tools, a.k.a.® gives you complete control over your configuration and enables you to extend your data model to meet new requirements.

One product, multiple solutions

a.k.a.® software can manage multiple information governance schemes within a single application.

Solutions for describing information assets

  • Metadata Registries
  • Taxonomies
  • Thesauri
  • Ontologies
  • Controlled Vocabularies,
  • Glossaries

Solutions for finding information assets

  • Taxonomies for Search
  • Faceted Classification schemes
  • Folksonomies
  • Thesauri
  • Ontologies

Solutions for organising information assets

  • Information Architectures
  • Business Classification Schemes
  • Hierarchies
  • File Plans
  • Data Maps

Solutions for managing information assets

  • Records Inventories
  • Information Asset Registers
  • Legislation Schedules
  • Retention Schedules
  • Vital Records Registers

Multiple exchange options

a.k.a.® enables transformation of data from one state to another with minimal user intervention.
With our data exchange tools, your data can be visualised in a browser or converted into machine readable formats ready to be deployed into your information systems.

With your license of a.k.a.® you can do ALL of the following:

  • Build multiple schemes
  • Integrate elements of one scheme into another
  • Tailor the design of your schemes to your own requirements.
  • Publish interactive reports to your web browser.
  • Transform schemes into multiple formats to import into information systems.

a.k.a.® online

a.k.a.® is available as software as a service using the Microsoft Azure hosted environment.

Start immediately. a.k.a.® Online eliminates the need to install and test the software within your network – a major saving if you use outsourced IT services. Deploying a.k.a.® is as easy as sending you a URL.

Pay-as-you-go. Pay only for the access you need with no up-front op-ex costs. The a.k.a.® Online Subscription enables you access a.k.a.® on an annual or quarterly basis.

Change your licensing model. Our licensing model is designed to suit your changing needs. At the end of each subscription period you can elect to change your licensing model.

Stay up-to-date. The a.k.a.® Upgrade and Technical Support program is all inclusive in the price, so you will always be on the latest version of the software.

a.k.a.® on–premise

a.k.a.® is available for on-premise installation.

On-premise is recommended for users who require additional protection for sensitive data.

You can choose to install either standalone or client server. If you want to change at a later date, we can convert a standalone license to a network license or vice versa. Let us know your preference.

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