a.k.a.®’s Exchange functionality delivers the smarts for transforming your data through publishing, importing, exporting, uploading and downloading.


From a.k.a.® you can produce professional reports that speak to your audience.

a.k.a.® provides a quick and easy report writer with a simple configuration screen for generating reports on the fly.

For interactive reports viewed through a browser, we use XML and HTML. Our interactive reports can be filtered using metadata and navigated using relationship links.

Exporting and Transforming

a.k.a.®’s export tools enable export to TXT, XML, CSV.

We use XSL templates to transform data into customized CSV and XML formats for import into eCM and other information systems. We can provide templates to transform XML for import into:

  • SharePoint
  • Objective
  • HP RM (TRIM)
  • Oracle URM
  • OpenText
  • and more

Transform your a.k.a.® schemes using XML and XSLT


Our CSV mapping tool enables all matter of data to be quickly and easily uploaded from spreadsheets. a.k.a.® manages both simple and more complex data files.

Uploading and Downloading

Through API’s and web services, schemes in a.k.a.® can be loaded directly into SharePoint Term Store (Managed Metadata) and into HP RM (TRIM).

a.k.a.® SharePoint Integration

a.k.a.® HP TRIM Integration

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