a.k.a.® Exchange Plus

Extended functionality for enhanced data exchange.

a.k.a.® Exchange Plus delivers code-free time-saving tools for information governance professionals

a.k.a.® Form Wizard

Code-free XML functionality for building your own online data capture forms for harvesting information.

You need to do a lot of consultation with your stakeholders when you’re building and updating information governance tools. We’ve made this easier with online data collection forms.

Just like our interactive reports, we’ve developed a wizard to enable you to create customised online forms which your users will fill in and upload into a.k.a.®.

You can use these forms to collect any a.k.a.® data such as thesaurus terms, information assets,  or submit feedback about your existing schemes. All you have to do is to select the fields that you want your users to fill out and point to the look up lists which control the data values. a.k.a.® will do the rest.

The result is a smart, friendly form that your colleagues will find fast and easy to complete.

a.k.a.® XSLT Wizard

One of our design principles for a.k.a.® is that all of our users should be able to use a.k.a.® without needing a computer science degree. It’s not always possible and sometimes we have to do the work for you until we figure out how to improve the user experience.

This time we have crashed through a few design hurdles and can now offer an inbuilt tool that will enable you to build your own XML / XSL templates to create interactive reports that look as good as ours.

This means that you can design from scratch and every time you want to make changes you can regenerate the report templates yourselves without having to engage with programmers.

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